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We buy homes, rentals and multifamily properties as-is, for cash.

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We offer a collection of helpful property investing resources including articles, services, tools, etc.

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Who Is Sesa Properties?

Sesa Properties is a real estate investment company. We acquire, sell, and hold a portfolio of investment properties. We buy single-family houses, multifamily properties, and vacant land regardless of condition, age, size, or seller situation. We provide fair cash offers based on market value and our estimated, necessary repairs. Check out our home buying site to learn more.

In addition, we strive to offer helpful resources to our investor network. These include a wealth of articles, tips & tricks. Check out our RE investing resource center to learn more.

FAQs About Us & Investing in Real Estate

Q: Does Sesa Properties buy, sell real estate, or both?

A: We buy real estate investment properties. We then sell or hold and oversee the management of a portfolio of real estate investments as rental properties.

Q: I want to sell my investment property for cash. How can I get a cash offer?

A: We buy investment properties. Fill out our quick form to get your cash offer. If you don’t like our offer you can get offers from our exclusive network of cash buyers.

Q: What is an investments property?

A: In real estate, an investment is any allocation of money put into an asset with the expectation that it will produce a benefit in the future. In plain English, a real estate investment is when you put money (invest) into a property with the intention of getting a benefit from it. The benefit can come in the form of cash flow or in appreciation of the investment’s value. A real estate investment property can be a house, a building, a piece of land, etc.

Q: Why invest in property?

A: Real estate property is one form of an investment asset. These investments offer several ways to make money, including rental income (cash flow) and appreciation (upon the sale of the property). In addition investing in real property offers tax benefits, especially if held for an adequate amount of time. Learn more about real estate investing.

Q: Can I afford to invest in property?

A: It’s almost always possible to invest in real estate regardless of how much money you have. If your funds are not adequate to buy a property yourself you still have options. For example you might be able to acquire a property with a partner(s). Or you can find investment opportunities and bring them to investors in order to gain equity that way. There are endless options, regardless of your financial situation. Learn more about finding discounted properties and real estate investing.

Q: What are the risks of investing in property?

A: Every investment has risks. Stocks and bonds have the risk of losing value. Similarly, real estate investments, in the form of real property or investment funds (known as a REIT), have the risk of losing value (depreciation). In addition, because they are real property they also require maintenance and repairs, which costs real money. When maintained properly and regularly these expenses become part of normal operation. However, like with any property there is a chance of large, unexpected expenses. Find out more about real estate investing