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Sesa Properties is a local iBuyer in Cleveland Ohio. Receive a super fast cash offer on your house, multifamily property, apartment building or vacant land in Cleveland Ohio. We buy your property for cash quick and easy.

Why Sell to Sesa iBuyer vs. A Traditional Sale

What are the benefits?

Close super fast.

Close as quickly as 14 days vs. 100+ days on market.

It’s easy. Skip the hassles of listing

There’s no agents, showings, open houses.

No repairs or work required

No costly repairs and no tedious house preparation needed.

Get cash at closing

Rest assured. You will get the agreed upon cash at closing.

You decide when to close & move

We do our best to close on your schedule. Sell fast or take your time.

How it Works

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Schedule a home appointment that is convenient for you.

Close in as little as 14 days.

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Comparison: Sesa iBuyer vs. Listing on The Market

Selling your real estate to Sesa iBuyer is faster & less expensive. Here’s how we compare to listing your house on the market.

Time to Close and Move: Sesa iBuyer vs. Traditional Sale

Sale MethodSesa iBuyListing on market (traditional)
Time to contract (in Cleveland)0 days55 days1
Days to close & move (additional)14 days or the date you choose 47 days2
Minimum time to sell and move on14 days102 days (3.4 months)

Selling Costs: Sesa iBuyer vs. Traditional Sale

Sales MethodSesa iBuyListing on market (traditional)
Repair costsFactored into sales pricePaid out of pocket by you
Selling costs3%6%+
Closing costs1-2%2-6%
Service charge3.5% flat
Est. Selling costs for a $100,000 house (not incl. repairs)$8,000$8,000-$12,000+

KEY TAKE-AWAY: Selling to Sesa iBuyer is much faster & less expensive.

Wanna see what we can offer for your property? Get your super-fast, no-obligation offer.

Our Offers Are Based on Human Analysis. Not A Computer Algorithm

Thinking about selling to a large iBuyer like the one that starts with a “Z”? These big iBuyers make offers based solely on computer algorithms. If you’ve looked on Zillow at all you know how incorrect their computer-based home estimates can be. Do you really want to sell your house to a computer?

At Sesa our offers are made by humans. We use actual market knowledge and actual market data. We are humans, we promise.

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We will not share, sell or use your information for spam. We will only contact you about your inquiry.

*Your information is strictly private. We will not share, sell or use your information for spam. We will only contact you about your inquiry. Should you have questions please contact us at info@sesabuyhouses.com or call 216-877-8430. By submitting this form with your information you give Sesa Properties LLP permission to contact you regarding your inquiry via email, text or phone. See our privacy policy for more information.

iBuyer FAQs

Q: What is an ibuyer in real estate? (What does ibuyer mean?)

The word ibuyer usually stands for instant buyer. Some may call it “internet buyer.” Either way, it is a company that makes an offer on a house without the need to see it in person. iBuyers make offers quickly. Most ibuyers, including our company, can make you an offer within just 2 days. Ibuyers will buy your house as-is, for cash, and close quickly, typically 14+ days.

Q: How does ibuyer work?

The ibuyer process is extremely easy and straight-forward. Below is how our process works.

  1. You submit a request for an offer on this page using the big purple form or by contacting us by phone at (216) 877-8430. When we receive the request we start analyzing your property. Unlike the big ibuyers who use only a computer algorithm to make an offer, we also use really knowledgeable humans. Once we get your request we analyze your house based on comparable properties and market knowledge. Sesa iBuyer is local to Cleveland, Ohio so we know the market very well.
  2. We make you an offer and explain it to you in detail. We also answer all of your questions.
  3. If you accept the offer we set up a time to view your house. This is similar to a home inspection. The purpose is to estimate the repairs that we will need to make. Don’t worry, you don’t have to make any repairs to your home. The repair estimates are used to adjust the final sales price. Once this price is determined we will present it to you. If you are happy, we move forward to closing.
  4. We close on your house. We can close in as little as 14 days or as long as you need to move out. It’s really up to you.

Q: How fast can you close (buy) my house?

We can close in as little as 14 days or as long as you need. You decide.

Q: Do I need to make repairs on my house if I sell to Sesa iBuyer?

You do not have to make any repairs. We buy your property 100% as-is.

Q: What are the fees to sell my house to Sesa iBuyer?

See an overview of the selling costs above.

Q: Do I pay any costs out of pocket when selling my house to Sesa iBuyer?

No. All costs are deducted from the sales price so you have zero out-of-pocket costs. For instance, repair costs and other fees are deducted from the sales price (or your proceeds). This allows you to sell your house with zero out-of-pocket costs unless your proceeds aren’t enough to cover all the costs. If this is the case we will let you know ahead of time so you can make a decision.

Q: What are the benefits of using an iBuyer? The pros/incentives of our service.

Selling to Sesa iBuyer provides the following benefits:

  1. Speed of sale. Sell in as little as 14 days vs. months when listing on market.
  2. It’s a cash sale: no mortgage or appraisal contingencies eliminate the risk of the deal falling through.
  3. No home repairs and no house preparations make it much more convenient to sell your house

Q: What are the cons of using an iBuyer?

You get the benefits of speed, cash, convenience and the ability to sell as-is, but it comes with a trade-off of a lower sales price. The offer will depend on the value of your house and the repairs/work needed.

Q: How long does the home inspection appointment take?

Our home inspections are not formal home inspections. They are fast. They involve a member of the Sesa iBuyer team and a contractor walking through your home to note repairs and other work that WE will perform (you don’t pay for any repairs). This walk-through should not take any longer than 30-40 minutes with a rare occasion of it lasting 60 minutes.

Our walk-throughs are much faster than a traditional home inspection for a market sale, which can take 4+ hours.

Q: What happens after the home inspection (walk-through) ?

After the walk-through we will prepare an estimate of necessary repairs and work. Once this is completed, we will make the proper adjustments and present you with a final, adjusted offer.

Q: What is the final, adjusted offer?

The adjusted offer = the original offer – the cost of repairs and work needed to get the house market-ready

Q: Where do you buy houses?

Sesa ibuyer currently buys houses throughout Ohio.

Q: How do I request an offer?

Submit a request using the big, purple form above. Or you can call or text us at (216)-877-8430.

Other Helpful Information

Q: What is real estate? What do we mean when we say real estate?

Real estate typically describes land and any structures, such as buildings, on that land. It can also include natural features, such as streams, ponds, rocks, etc. We purchase real estate that is owned (held in ownership) by sellers.


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