Sell Your House Fast in Lakewood Ohio

Easy. Fast. Free.

Sell your house fast in Lakewood Ohio in as little as 14 days.

(without having to use a realtor)

Changing The Way…

You Sell Your House in Lakewood Ohio

Super easy: skip the hassles of listing your house on the market: there’s no realtors, showings, or open houses

Super fast: close in as little as 14 days vs. 100+ days when listing on the market

No repairs: there’s no costly repairs or house prep required

Guaranteed cash at closing: rest assure, you will get the agreed upon cash at closing

You pick your closing date: we close when you want, in as fast as 14 days

It’s FREE: You pay absolutely no fees or commissions. Put more cash in your pocket.

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Joshua Rothhaas, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What’s A Cash House Buyer & How’s It All Work?

Sesa Properties is a cash home buyer. We buy houses in Lakewood Ohio and throughout Ohio. We were founded so homeowners like you can sell your house:




…all without having to use a realtor.

We buy houses in Lakewood AS-IS, pay cash and close fast. You can sell your house fast and easy without hassles.

Let me show you how it works…

You fill out our quick form or call/text us

We check out your house & make you an offer. You ONLY accept the offer if you’re happy with it

Choose your closing date. Close in as little as 14 days or take as long as you need to move

We Offer An Alternative Way To Sell Your House Fast in Lakewood Ohio.

You Can…

Sell your house EASY in Lakewood Ohio: no showings or open houses, no preparation, no inspections, absolutely HASSLE-FREE

Sell your house FAST in Lakewood Ohio: Close in as little as 14 days.

Sell your house for FREE in Lakewood Ohio: there’s no costs to you: no fees, no commissions, no repairs, no closing costs.

Ready to get started?

Still Not Convinced? Here’s Why You Should Sell Your House in Lakewood to Us For Cash.

Selling to us means you sell your house


Sell your house AS-IS. Make absolutely no repairs. That means no painting, no cleaning. No repairs. Save your money.


Sell your house in as little as 14 days. Don’t list with a realtor and wait 100+ days. You pick the closing date you want.

Easy (Hassle-Free)

No repairs or preparation, no showings, no open houses, no inspections, no contingencies. We remove all hassles.

With No Costs

Sell your Lakewood house without spending a dime. No closing costs, no fees, no commissions. Save your money.

Still Have Questions?

Here’s Some FAQs We Get A Lot

Do I have to make repairs when selling to your company?

No. We buy your house as-is, which means you don’t have to make any repairs. You also don’t have to clean or paint. We buy houses in Lakewood exactly how you leave it.

Who pays closing costs when I sell my house to you?

We pay all traditional closing costs when buying your house for cash. Many times we even pay things like back taxes and liens when factored into the offer. Ask us for details.

What’s the fastest way to sell my house in Lakewood?

Selling to a cash buyer like us is by far the fastest way to sell your house. Listing on the market in Greater Cleveland can take 100+ days (depending on the market and property). We can close in as little as 14.

What are the benefits of selling my house for cash?

There are no realtors, showings, open houses, inspections or buyer demands. You can sell your house as-is, which saves you money and stress. Cash buyers pay your closing costs. There are no contingencies or mortgage approvals to worry about. And selling for cash if by far the fastest way to sell.

What is a cash house buying company?

A cash house buying company (or “we buy houses” company) buys houses for cash. They usually either fix them up and resell them or they hold them as rental properties. These companies pay cash for houses. They buy houses in any condition as-is. They can close much faster than a traditional buyer.

Do you only buy houses from owners facing foreclosure?

No. We buy houses from sellers in all kinds of situations. Some examples include owners who have an inherited house, who owe delinquent taxes, have a vacant or junk house, those who are going through divorce, and those who just don’t want to wait months to sell on the market.

Still have questions? Contact us for a free consultation by clicking below…

Get A 100% Free, No-Obligation Cash Offer…You Have Nothing to Lose.

We promise. Our offers are 100% obligation-free. That means if you don’t like our offer you can tell us “no way Jose!” You don’t have to sell us your house unless you want to. There’s really nothing to lose!

Our offers are 100% free – it costs you nothing to get an offer!

There are no obligations – if you don’t like the offer then you don’t have to sell!

Sell to us ONLY IF you like the offer – there’s no pressure!

We Buy Houses in Lakewood Ohio And Throughout Ohio

We buy houses in Lakewood, Ohio as-is for cash. We also buy homes throughout much of Ohio.

Lakewood, Ohio is a great city. Sitting on the shores of Lake Erie Lakewood this awesome suburb has a population of about 50,000 residents. It has earned honors as “one of Ohio’s Best Home Towns” and “one of the most exciting small towns in America”, according to

In addition to its close proximity to the Lake and the city it is highly diverse, has good quality schools and a great food scene. Lastly, the homes are very attractive with many being built in the early 1900’s.

It’s just a nice place to live. That’s why we buy houses in Lakewood.

We Buy Houses in Lakewood, Ohio for cash. Photo from Google Maps.
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