3822 Carlyle Ave, Cleveland, OH 44109

Cheap Single Right Next to MetroHealth Development

A solid investment a few streets away from the MetroHealth development and developing Clark-Fulton Area. $22-$24k of rehab means you are all in at 66% of ARV after rehab costs. Solid buy. Solid area. Will go fast.

Address: 3822 Carlyle Ave, Cleveland, OH 44109

Asking Price:$26,000

ARV: $75,000-$80,000

House info: 5/1 single

Status: Vacant

Work Needed: To get it rent ready it needs roof ($5k), clean-out ($2k), interior paint ($1.5k), kitchen and bath remodels ($10k), flooring ($3-4k). Estimated by our contractor at $22-$24k.

Proposed Strategy: Purchase, rehab, refinance and hold as a rental. $26,000 cash purchase + $24,000 rehab means you are all in (after rehab) at ~66% of ARV.

*Terms: Cash or HML only. Proof of funds required and $1K non-refundable EMD to accompany any accepted offer before contract is effective. Buyer is encouraged to inspect and perform full due diligence prior to making any offer as NO inspection contingencies or other contingencies will be accepted. Buyer agrees to accept property as-is upon signing purchase contract and submitting EMD.





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