Cheap Rentals & Fixer Upper Houses in Cleveland Ohio


Looking for cheap rentals and fixer upper houses? We have cheap rentals and houses that need work in Ohio at 50-60% of after repair value (ARV).

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Too Good to Be True? Nope, It’s Legitimate.

We do A LOT of marketing direct to homeowners. Sometimes we have too many properties at one time! We can’t flip/keep all of the fixer upper houses that we put under contract so we usually have extra investment properties. If this happens we wholesale or sell them to cash buyers. We also sell our own properties from time to time at a discount.

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Get Cheap Rentals and Fixer Upper Properties at Huge Discounts vs. ARV

Get access to cheap rentals and fixer upper houses in Ohio, etc.

Sick of endlessly searching the MLS for deals? Having trouble getting enough of a discount on houses to justify investments? 10% discounts just don’t cut it (if you can even get that!). Especially right now with inventory low and everything so overpriced and hard to come by? We hear you!

Whether you are looking for cheap rentals or off-market fixer uppers for fix and flips, buy and hold rentals, or BRRRRs we’ve got you covered.

How do we get them??

We do a high volume of direct & inbound marketing for off-market real estate deals. We spend hard dollars picking up discounted properties. Then we sell them at incredible discounts, as-is to amazing investors. Why work so hard hunting down the needles in the haystack yourself? We can do it for you!

Many times we are able to sell these houses at as much as 50% off full market value! Obviously, these great deals go fast, so make sure you subscribe to our site by filling out the form on the top of this page. Once you subscribe, you will have the option to tell us more about exactly what you are looking for. That way we know right away to contact you directly once we get something that matches your criteria.

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