JV Wholesaling With Sesa Properties

We offer JV wholesaling for your wholesale contracts. We only get paid if we bring a buyer and close the deal.

ATTN ALL WHOLESALERS! Let’s JV your wholesale contracts and/or properties!

Want to move your wholesale contract fast? Our real estate JV program makes JV wholesaling your contracts easy! We will market and assign your off-market contracts. We get paid only if we bring a buyer and close your deal!

What you get when you JV your wholesale contract with us:

  • We market your deal to our sizeable mailing list
  • We list and promote it on our popular real estate investing website

Why work with us for jv wholesaling your contract?:

We offer you:

  • Exposure to a large list 1,000+ cash investors (and growing everyday) actively looking for off-market properties!
  • A listing on our site with solid traffic of cash real estate buyers
  • Connections with wholesale friendly title companies, hard money lenders, private lenders, contractors, etc. to make the deal easier and smoother for the buyer.
  • Nothing to lose: you only pay us if we bring a buyer and close your deal!

Let’s work together to get your deals closed and make you $$$!

Email us at info@sesabuyshouses.com or fill out the form below to start making money.

We Are Currently JV Wholesaling in Ohio

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