Sell Your House For Sale By Owner For Cash in Cleveland OH

Selling a house for sale by owner in Cleveland OH? Avoid the hassles. We buy homes for sale by owner for cash. Sell as-is with no realtors, no repairs, and no closing costs or fees.

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Sell Your House Fast & Easy…Without a Realtor

The Problem With Selling For Sale By Owner in Cleveland Ohio

Listing your house for sale by owner in Cleveland Ohio can be a long, complicated process that requires costly repairs and updates.

If you are like most people you are very busy with a job, kids, and everything else that life throws at you. Selling a house for sale by owner is a full-time commitment. It usually isn’t feasible to do it successfully unless you have a lot of extra time.

Then you have to deal with the costs, repairs and demanding buyers.

If you sell your property in Greater Cleveland as a for sale by owner it will need to be “market-ready” to sell. So you’ll have to make repairs and updates before the house is even on the market. If you try to sell it yourself in as-is condition then demanding buyers will eat you up. They will low ball you and/or try to force you into making repairs anyways.

The Solution: Sell it to Us For Cash, Close Quick & Save Yourself the Headaches

We can help! Skip the hassles, headaches, costly repairs, and long wait that goes along with selling for sale by owner in Cleveland. Sell your house for-sale-by-owner the easier way. Sell it to us for cash instead. s

When selling by owner to us we make the process super quick and easy. We’ll buy your house 100% as-is so you don’t have to make repairs, clean, paint, etc. We’ll also pay all of your closing costs and fees. You can also eliminate the demanding, annoying buyers and endless inquiries and showings.

Get a no-obligation cash offer for your house. Click below to get started. You have nothing to lose.

FAQ About Selling For Sale By Owner Cleveland Ohio

Can you sell a house without a realtor?

Yes. You can sell a house without a realtor. This is known as “for-sale-by-owner” or FSBO. There are multiple ways to sell your house yourself, including to a cash house buyer and by advertising it for sale.

How do I sell my house by owner (on my own, without a realtor)?

You can sell your house for sale by owner to a cash buyer like our company.

Alternatively, you can market your house yourself without a realtor. Make sure you consider all your options before moving forward. If marketing it yourself, at the very least, you will need to take lots of good pictures, market it everywhere you possibly can, hold open houses or buyer showings, negotiate the sales price and contract terms, and coordinate the closing process with the title company.

This process can be quite complicated, especially if you have never done it before.

How can I sell my house fast without a realtor?

Hands-down, the fastest way to sell your house fast without a realtor is to sell it for cash. Why? The process of selling your house for sale by owner on the real estate market is typically a slow process (the same is true when selling with a realtor).

Finding a buyer can take months (depends on your house and the market), and the traditional closing process takes time as well (over a month typically). The long closing process is due to the inspection process, mortgage application process, appraisal process, etc. These things go along with a traditional home sale.

Selling your house for sale by owner to a cash house buyer greatly reduces the time it takes to close. This is because they will buy immediately. They can also close quickly because there is no inspection process, no mortgage application, and no contingencies.

Can I sell my own home online?

Yes. Nowadays it is possible to sell your house “for sale by owner” fully online. You can contact cash house buyers and get a cash offer online. You can list your house on sites like Craigslist or, but you will need to deal with buyers for showings and such. If you want to sell your house 100% online (virtually) you can get a cash offer from Sesa Properties online and do a virtual showing. We make it possible to sell your house for sale yourself completely online.

Should I sell my house by owner (on my own)?

This is a decision that you will need to decide on your own. Selling for sale by owner will eliminate realtor commissions and fees. But it will also greatly increase your required time commitment and work. Selling your house on your own to a cash house buyer may be the best option. You will cut out realtor commissions, fees, repairs and closing costs. You will also be able to close quicker than a traditional home sale.

Can I sell my Cleveland house to Sesa Properties for cash?

Yes. You can sell your house to us yourself for cash. We buy houses in Contact us for a free, fair offer today. Our offers are 100% obligation free and cost nothing so you have nothing to lose.

Want to See What We Can Offer For Your House? Get a Fair Cash Offer For Your House.

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We Buy Houses For Sale By Owner in Greater Cleveland, Ohio

We buy houses direct from sellers in Greater Cleveland and throughout Northeast and Central Ohio. If you want to sell your house for sale by owner for cash then we can help. We buy homes such as single family homes, duplexes, triplexes, quads, apartment buildings, and even vacant land. If you want to sell that house or land without a real estate agent let us know.

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