Relocating? Sell That House Fast in Cleveland, Ohio!

Are You Relocating and Need to Sell Your Current House Quickly?

If you are relocating then you need to do something with your current house. But what are your options? Learn how to sell your house in Cleveland fast.

If you are relocating you’re probably wondering what to do with your current house in Cleveland, Ohio.

Don’t stress. We have you covered. Relocating doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful (at least not the selling your house part).

Listing your current house in Cleveland with an agent on the real estate market is not your only option. You have other options as well. We present all your options here and then give the pros and cons for each.

Or if you want to cut through all the clutter and sell your house for cash quick and easy then click here to get your cash offer started.

Options for Selling Your Current House When Relocating

If you need to move quickly and don’t want to keep your current house you will need to sell it. You have three options for selling, which are outlined below.

Listing Your Current House With a Realtor

If you have some time and don’t want to handle any aspect of selling your house yourself then listing with a real estate agent is an option.

The biggest PRO is that you can hand over your keys and have your agent sell your house. If you have already relocated you won’t have to deal with the inconveniences of showings and open houses.

There are however, some definite con’s to listing your house in Cleveland with a real estate agent.

If you need to sell your current house fast, listing it with an agent might not be a good option.
  • Long time to sell: listing your house with an agent on the market can take months to get an accepted offer. After closing the sale takes another 40-60 days on average. You need to ask yourself if this is the best option if you NEED to sell quickly.
    • Remember that the longer a house takes to sell the larger your holding costs will be. These include mortgage payments, insurance, taxes, utilities, etc.
  • Cost: real estate agents might help you sell your house, but they are not free. Real estate commissions are ~6% of the sales price. This means thousands of dollars.
  • Repairs required: Also, listing on the market requires you to get the house market ready. In turn, repairs and updates are another costly requirement if you want to get a good price and sell quicker.

If you are relocating and leaning towards listing your house with a real estate agent then consider the pros and cons.

Questions to ask yourself: Are the costs worth it to you? Can you afford to wait 4-6 months to sell your house?

Selling your Current House Yourself As a For Sale By Owner

If you are still local and want to cut out some of the realtor commissions you can sell your house yourself. You should note that you will usually still have to pay the buyer’s agent 3% for their services in helping to sell the house.


  • You don’t have to pay the full real estate commissions: Since you are acting as the seller’s agent yourself you can cut out half of the agent commissions. You will most likely still have to pay the buyer’s agent for their part in helping the buyer.


  • Extremely hands-on and time consuming
  • Long time to sell: this is the same as listing your house with an agent on the market. Again, it can take months to get an accepted offer and another 40-60 days on average to close.
    • Again, remember that the longer a house takes to sell the larger your holding costs will be. These include mortgage payments, insurance, taxes, utilities, etc.
  • Required knowledge of local house values, the sales process, and legal concerns.

If You Need to Sell Fast. Sell it to a Cash Home Buyer.

The last option is to sell your house to a cash buyer. This is by far the quickest and easiest option. It is also the most hands-off option.

If you need to sell fast a cash house buyer might be the best option.


  • Cash house buyers close quickly (usually 14-21 days). So you can get it over with and get on with your life. It will also greatly reduce your holding costs (mortgage payments, insurance, taxes, utilities, etc.) as the time to close is so quick.
  • These companies buy 100% as-is so you won’t have to make any repairs or updates. This saves you both time and thousands of dollars in expenses.
  • There are no real estate agents involved, which means you will save thousands of dollars in agent commissions and fees.

If you need to sell your house ASAP our company can give you a fair cash offer within one day and you can close when its convenient for you. You only accept the offer if you are completely satisfied with it. And there are no charges and no fees.

If you want to see what we can offer for your house then fill out the form below or give us a call at (216) 877-8430.

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