Sell My House As Is in Cleveland, Ohio!

If you are saying “I need to sell my house as is fast” in Cleveland Ohio then we can help!


When we say we buy houses 100% as-is we mean it. But what does that mean for you exactly?

The Problem. Listing your house with an agent requires costly repairs and updates.

sell house as is - sell my house as is fast
Sell us your house as is for cash. No repairs, paint or cleaning required.

When you list your property in Greater Cleveland with a real estate agent they will recommend getting your house “market-ready”. This means making costly repairs and costly updates before the house is even on the market. The hope is you will get a higher selling price, but you have to spend thousands. And there’s no guarantee.

When you finally get an offer the buyer will do a home inspection. Unfortunately, home inspectors, who are paid by the buyer and covering themselves from liability issues, will surely find a laundry list of items that “need to be addressed”.

The buyer will go to you looking for you to pay for the repairs or give them money (concessions) at closing. These fixes or concessions could cost you thousands more.

The Solution: Sell your house as is fast to us. We buy 100% as is. No exceptions.

What does selling to us 100% as is mean for you?

1. You don’t have to make any repairs, no matter how big or small

When you sell your house you don’t have to lift a finger or spend a dime. You don’t have to make any repairs before you call us. We like houses that need work (even a lot of work).

Just as important, you don’t make any repairs after we view the house and we sign a contract. There are no inspectors and no laundry list of demands. We do check out the house, but that’s just so we know what work WE will be doing (and paying for).

2. You don’t have to paint, clean, mop, scrub, sweep, etc.

When you sell your house as-is for cash you really don’t need to do anything. This includes cleaning, mopping, scrubbing, sweep. We don’t mind them dirty. No need to get embarrassed. Just leave it the way it is…really.

3. You don’t have to haul away unwanted furniture or possessions from the house.

When you list your house on the market with an agent the rule is the house needs to be delivered empty and clean. This can pose a hardship for some sellers.

When you sell your house as is to us you DON’t have to haul unwanted junk out of the house. Just leave whatever you don’t want, and we will take care of it.

If you need help moving your possessions, but aren’t able to we can help coordinate that as well. We have relationships with local moving companies. So just let us know.

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How Do I Sell My House As Is (Make Absolutely No Repairs)

Listing a house with an agent on the market isn’t cheap. Repairs, cleaning and updates are necessary to get a house ready to sell on the market. These things can be costly. Not everyone wants to or can afford to put money into their house before selling it. If that’s you we don’t blame you.

Selling your house as-is can greatly reduce the cost and hassle of selling. But, the question is…

Depending on the extent of the damage the house might not even qualify for conventional lending, which will make selling your house as is for cash the only option.

How to Sell a Damaged Rental As Is (If Tenants Trashed Your House)

Do you have tenants that ruined your rental house? You might be fed up with being a landlord. But you probably don’t know how to sell a damaged rental house. Not many people will buy it. We know how frustrating and stressful that can be. We own rentals ourselves. Luckily there are companies like ours that buy rentals 100% as-is. Our company even buys them with the problem tenants in place.

What Are the Benefits of Selling Your House As Is for Cash in Cleveland Ohio?

Would you like to be able to sell your Cleveland house quickly and get paid cash? Does not having to deal with showings, constant cleaning, pushy real estate agents, or any repairs sound like a good option? Selling for cash definitely has many intriguing benefits. Find out what those benefits are in detail in this article. We also tell you how you can get a no-obligation cash offer to see if its a good option for you.

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FAQ About Selling A House As-Is In Cleveland

How do you sell a house as is in Cleveland Ohio?

Sell your damaged house as is to a cash buyer. It’s a much easier solution than listing it with an agent on the market and dealing with repairs and demanding buyers.

What is the best way to sell my house as is fast in Cleveland?

Selling your house to a cash buying company (a we buy houses company) is hands-down the fastest way to sell your house as-is. Listing your house on the market, either with a real estate agent or by yourself can take quite a long time. This is because the number of buyers looking for a fixer-upper is very limited. Most buyers are looking for perfect, livable houses that don’t need repairs. If the house do need repairs, the large majority of buyers will require you to fix the issues or give them money at closing.

Are there companies that buy houses as is in Cleveland?

Yes, most cash house buying companies, also known as investors, we buy houses companies, etc. buy houses as-is. One company is ours, Sesa Properties. We buy as is homes.

Can I sell my house as is fast to your company?

Yes, every home we buy is bought 100% as-is, and we can close in as little as 7-14 days if necessary. Fill out our quick form for a fair cash offer you can trust.

Why should I sell my house as is for cash vs. listing with a realtor or selling as a for sale by owner?

You will have to determine the right strategy to sell your house as-is. But selling a house as is for cash is by far the easiest and quickest strategy. Listing your house on the market results in a long sales process, costly fees and commissions, and a very limited buyer pool. Not to mention, if your house is in really bad shape most realtors will not want to list it and most banks will not lend on it. This will make selling your house as is on the market very challenging.

Can you sell a house as is in Ohio?

Yes, you can sell your house 100% as is in Ohio. You can either sell your home as-is to a cash house buying company or list it on the market (either with an agent or by yourself). If you decide to sell your house on the market then you do need to make it very clear in your marketing, listing description and contracts that the house is being sold as is. Most buyers, except we buy houses companies, will expect you to fix something or give them money regardless.

Is it legal to sell a house as is?

Yes. It is completely legal to sell a house as-is. The terms of the sale, including if the sale is “as-is” are determined by contract and agreement between the buyer and seller.

How much do you lose selling a house as is?

When you sell a house as is you will not be able to sell for full market value. You will be selling for as is condition value. What we mean by that is that the buyer will take into account the work that needs to be done. They will subtract that estimated costs from what the house would be worth will all the repairs and updates made. In other words, you will not get the “after repair value” or full market value of a house that needs work.

Should I sell my house as is or fix it up?

This decision requires some analysis and a lot of assumptions. First you need to have to make a list of all the work that is needed. This includes both repairs and updates. Then you need to determine/estimate the cost of the repairs. Next, you have to determine the value of the house after the repairs and updates are made. Lastly, you need to determine if the return on investment (ROI) of making the repairs and updates is worth it to you for a potentially higher sales price.

It should be noted that making these repairs will result in much higher out of pocket costs and much more hassle and time added to the sales process. That is why many times it easier just to sell the house as is.

Can you tell me how to sell a house as is without an agent?

Selling your house as is without an agent is an option. You can either sell as is to a cash house buyer like us or sell your house as is by yourself on the market. Selling your house as is by yourself might save you a little cash in agent commissions, but it can also be a complicated process. Make sure you are clear when you advertise the house that is being sold as is. Also, make sure you are very specific and clear in the purchase and sales contract in order to protect yourself.

What happens when you sell your house as is?

Selling your house as-is is the same process as selling any house. You may or may not give the buyer the ability to inspect your house before they purchase it. However, when you sell your house as is you do not make any repairs or pay any concessions, unless you agree to do so with the buyer.

Want to Learn All About How to Sell A House As-Is?

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