Spruce up Your House for Summer – Projects That Are Easy and Attainable

Finally, after a brutal winter for most, summer is just around the corner. This is the time of year when like a lot of people, you probably feel inspired to make improvements to your home. Whether you want to focus inside or outside, your goal is to identify projects that are both easy and attainable. Then after completing your chosen project, start comparing home warranty plans if you have yet to invest in one.

For easy-to-do home improvement projects, the sky’s the limit. To get a head start, you might consider one of these possibilities.

Outdoor Gardening

If you love to garden and you have basic carpentry skills, you could make a handy gardening workbench or perhaps a raised garden. Both these projects are relatively easy and as someone who loves planting flowers, fruits, and vegetables, they’re also rewarding.

Build a Fire Pit

Here’s another great outdoor project. For this, you can probably find large rocks that cost nothing. For inspiration, look at designs online and then create something similar to the one you like the best. This kind of project only requires some creativity, labor, and time. When finished, you and your family or friends can relax around a fire in the evening.

New Shelving

This is a clever idea that’s both cool to look at and functional. You’ll need a rectangular piece of sturdy wood and two tree branches that resemble a slingshot. For the shelf portion, sand it, followed by painting or staining. Then, attach the flat portion of the tree branches to the wall. To complete this unique project, place the shelf on top of the branches.

Master Suite Makeover

Are you tired of how your master bedroom currently looks? Well, make this a summer project. After clearing the room, start with a fresh coat of paint. Then, begin adding new items, perhaps curtains or blinds, a light fixture, furniture, or just bedding and a rug. Something as simple as this can go a long way in giving a tired room new life.

Install Crown Molding

Another great summer project is to install crown molding in one or more rooms of your home. Especially if you have tall ceilings, this gives any space personality and character. Years ago, people had to know all about corner cuts and using a miter saw. Today, you can purchase precut molding from most home improvement stores. For added flair, add decorative corner pieces.

Modify Cabinets

Instead of spending a fortune buying new kitchen or bathroom cabinets, you could change the appearance of the ones you have. For this, remove all the doors and drawers. Then, sand and paint or stain them, as well as the rest of the cabinets. To complete the transformation, switch out existing hardware, along with handles and pulls.

Make a Penny Floor

This is a fantastic summer project with amazing results. Just as the name implies, this consists of making a floor out of pennies. Because this floor has a clear sealer added, it works great in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other areas exposed to moisture. On average, a penny floor costs $2 per square foot.

For many summer projects, as well as things you already have inside and outside of your house, it’s worth investing in one of the best home warranty plans. Using the example of putting in new lights on a boat dock, you’d have coverage under the right plan should something electrical go wrong. It never hurts to compare home warranty plans from the top companies.

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