Sell Your House in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio for cash, as-is (no repairs) with no realtors and no costs to you. Click the button below to get a fair, firm offer you can trust for your Cuyahoga Falls, OH house.

Want to sell your house in Cuyahoga Falls OH fast & easy?

We buy houses in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio for cash, as-is.

We’re a trusted, local, and serious property investment company based in Ohio. We buy single-family homes, rental properties (rentals), apartment buildings & multifamily buildings in Cuyahoga Falls OH and the surrounding areas. So if you need to sell your real estate in Cuyahoga Falls for cash, quickly…let’s talk.

You can sell your house or investment property directly to us with no real estate agents, no commissions or fees, no closing costs, and no repairs (as-is). Get cash and move on with your life.

Benefits of selling your home to us vs. with a realtor in Cuyahoga Falls:

  • You get cash
    • Get cash for your home – no dealing with banks or contingencies
  • Ultra convenient & easy:
    • You can sell much quicker and easier than listing with a real estate agent
    • Eliminate the hassles of bossy realtors, open houses, intrusive showings, and demanding buyers
    • You don’t have to make any repairs (not even painting or cleaning)
  • Sell your home much faster:
    • We close in as fast as 14 days (or even less if necessary) – much faster than listing your Cuyahoga Falls house on the market
    • Close quick – there is no lengthy closing process
    • No waiting for mortgage, inspection, or appraisal contingencies that kill your deal
  • You pay no costs:
    • We buy your house for cash, as-is. Eliminate repairs, painting and cleaning
    • You don’t pay real estate commissions
    • You also don’t pay any traditional closing costs and fees (we pay them all)

Main point: You can sell your house in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio to us for cash and close fast without the hassles. You get Cash and get back to what’s important to you in your life.

We offer an alternative solution to the standard house selling process. You can easily sell your House fast in greater Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio in any condition, age, size, or situation.

What to expect: the process

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We meet your at your property, answer your questions & make you a cash offer. Accept the offer only if you are happy with it.

Closing is handled at a reputable, local title company. You walk away with cash at closing.

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Sesa Properties is a trusted, serious property investment company in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio.

We Buy Houses in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio

Who are we? We are the people that buy houses, multi-family residential properties, rentals, apartment buildings, vacant land and some commercial property in Cuyahoga Falls and throughout Ohio. We also buy real estate in surrounding areas, including Stow, Hudson, Richfield, Fairlawn, Tallmadge and Akron.

Sesa Properties is a local Ohio business. We have been buying real estate and investing throughout Ohio for many years.

We absolutely love the area. That is why we buy houses and invest in Cuyahoga Falls Ohio and the surrounding areas.

See all the places we buy homes in Ohio.

Focus on Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio

Cuyahoga Falls OH

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio is a residential suburb city in Summit County (Northeastern Ohio). It is the second largest city in the county. It is located just north of Akron Ohio. And it is surrounded by the cities of Stow, Hudson, Richfield, Fairlawn, Tallmadge and Akron.

According to the US Census Bureau the city of Cuyahoga Falls had a population of about 49,000 people in 2020.

From Little Falls to the revamped historic downtown, Cuyahoga Falls is a great place to live, work and call home.

According to Redfin.com, the median sales price of residential homes in Cuyahoga Falls OH is $174,011, and is rated “Competitive”.

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