What is a Cash Buyer in Real Estate?

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You might be curious what a cash buyer is in real estate deals. You are certainly not alone. The idea of selling a property for cash is not a common concept for most property owners, buyers or sellers. But, we promise it is a very real thing.

The idea of buying a property outright for cash might seem crazy to you. Who has enough cash to purchase a house with? For the most part cash buyers are investors and investment companies.

This article is meant to provide a basic definition and overview of what a cash buyer in real estate is. If after reading this you want to learn more about cash buyers then read our article on What Kind of Companies Buy Houses for Cash.

So what is a cash buyer in real estate?

What is a cash buyer in real estate?

A cash buyer in real estate is someone who buys a property and pays for it in cash vs. funding the purchase through a mortgage loan from a traditional mortgage lender. The buyer may have cash available in the bank account, under their mattress, buried in their backyard, etc. The cash can also be funded by a private money source.

To make it easy, we’ll just say that a cash buyer is one who buys with cash, and doesn’t use a traditional lender.

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Find Answers to Other FAQs About Selling to a Cash House Buying Company

We want to help sellers fully understand the cash buying process, whether you are selling to us or another cash buying company.  We understand selling a house for cash to a cash buying company is not as common as a traditional sale. Understandably, you may have a lot of questions.  We want to help answer them.  Check out our cash home buyer FAQs.

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