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We make quick cash offers on homes regardless of condition or homeowner’s situation! Get a fast, fair cash offer with no obligations from an experienced home buying business.

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Our promise to you: you will pay no fees or commissions, make no repairs, deal with no real estate agents, and pay no costs.

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Quick Cash Offers FAQs

What happens after I submit the quick cash offer form above?

We will contact you, usually within 20 minutes to get some basic details on your property. We will make you a quick cash offer estimate based on the information. If you are happy with the offer we will set up a time to meet you, quickly view the property, and sign the contract.

What is a cash offer on a house?

A cash offer is made from a buyer to a seller to purchase a home for cash or cash-like sources of funds. To make it simple, it means an offer to buy a piece of real estate without using a traditional lender (mortgage) to fund the purchase.

Who makes cash offers in real estate? Who buys houses for cash?

They can be made by both real estate investment businesses (home buyers), like ours, and by individual investors and home buyers.

Does your company pay cash for houses?

Yes. We pay cash, buy your house 100% as-is, and close on your home fast.

How common are cash offers in real estate?

They are more common than many people realize. According to an article by smartasset it is estimated that “cash buyers made up 40 percent of the market” and Goldman Sachs estimated it could be as high as 57%.

How is the homebuying process different with a cash offer?

Selling real estate for cash greatly simplifies and speeds up the homebuying and home selling process for several reasons. Because there is no mortgage loan involved there is no lengthy loan application and approval process. This reduces time and increases the likelihood of the deal closing. The same is true for the absence of appraisal contingencies, which are required by traditional lenders for loan approval. Also, because there is no lender involved the house is typically purchased as-is. This allows sellers to sell their real estate even if the condition of the house wouldn’t be suitable for a traditional loan. In other words, you can sell a house in disrepair that wouldn’t qualify for a traditional mortgage loan.

When should you consider a cash offer?

There are many situations where sellers may consider getting cash offers. For instance, sellers should consider these offers when they want to sell their property quickly, when the property is in disrepair and wouldn’t qualify for a traditional loan, and when they want or need to sell with tenants in place. If you are looking for quick cash then this type of offer is probably your best bet.

Are home buying companies legitimate?

Like with anything the answer depends. The majority of home buying companies are legitimate. But of course there are ones who are looking to take advantage of homeowners. You need to do your research on a company before signing a contract. At the least check that they are Better Business Bureau accredited and have good reviews.

Do cash offers close faster?

Quick sales are faster because there is no bank involved. This means that the bank (lender) approval process is eliminated and the contingencies of a mortgage buyer are eliminated. All of these things speed up the sale process and closing time.

How does a quick sale work?

The buyer pays in cash so there are no banks involved. This means no mortgage approval or contingencies are required. They also typically buy the property as-is. All of these factors allow the speed the process up.