How Do You Sell a House As Is in Ohio (Make Absolutely No Repairs)

how to sell a home as-is
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You can sell a home in any condition as-is.

Selling a house that needs work on the market can be costly. It requires repairs, cleaning, and updates to get the house to be “market-ready”. Not everyone has the willingness or ability to put money into their house before selling it. Is that you? We don’t blame you. Selling your house as-is can greatly reduce the cost and hassle of selling. But, the question is “HOW do you sell a house as is in Ohio”? That’s what we will answer in this article.  

In this article, we answer the question IF you can sell a house as is in Ohio. We also answer the question “how do you sell a home as is in Ohio” or any other state.

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What does it mean to sell a home as-is?

Let’s first define what “as is” actually means.

BusinessDictionary defines “as is” as:

“Term included in sale agreements to notify the buyer that no express or implied warranty is provided. The buyer therefore takes the goods or property at his or her own risk, without recourse against the seller for their condition or performance. ‘As is’ translates into ‘with all faults.’

In simple terms selling a home as is means selling a house to a buyer in its current state and condition. The seller does not make any repairs. What the home buyer sees, hears and smells is what they get when the deed transfers and they take the keys. 

Can You Sell a Home As Is in Ohio?

Yes.  You can sell your home as is. This is true regardless of the condition.

You don’t have to make expensive repairs just to sell it. Just make sure the contract (clearly) states it is being sold as-is and the buyer knowingly agrees to buy it as is.  The contract has to state “AS IS” so the buyer understands that they are buying it as is.

How Do You Sell a House As Is in Ohio?

You can sell your home as is the same way as you would sell a house not being sold as is.

Typically, a house that is sold as is includes “right to inspect” language in the ad and/or in the contract. “The right to inspect” language allows the buyer to inspect the house as thoroughly as they want knowing that you as the seller will make zero repairs or concessions. This is true regardless of what they find.

The right to inspect language is included because the buyer wants to (and has a right to) inspect the house so that they know what they are getting into before buying it. It is also done because very few buyers will buy a house sight-unseen. Finding that buyer is very hard. 

How Do You Sell a House As Is In Ohio ad

Tip: Be Very Upfront That the House Is Being Sold As Is

To reduce headaches it is wise to explicitly state that the house is being “sold as is”.  This is true both when advertising it and telling buyers’ agents and buyers directly.

It’s not a good idea to dance around the subject and leave the perception that you might fix some things if you have no intention of fixing anything. You are most likely just going to have issues when that conversation comes up.

Being completely upfront with potential buyers will also help filter out buyers who are not able or willing to make the repairs instead of you. It will also filter out all the buyers who expect you as the seller to fix everything. In short, it will filter out the people you don’t want looking at your as-is house. 

Traffic is a great thing when selling a house, but like with all leads you want to make sure you have the right buyers coming through the doors. Jack and Jill looking for a family home in perfect condition are not going to be satisfied with your as is house. Why? They expect everything to be perfect. If its not perfect, they expect you to fix it. 

What Happens If I Get An Offer From A Buyer That Doesn’t Know It Is Being Sold As Is?

Say you get a buyer to sign a contract. Awesome, great work! But if they don’t clearly understand that the house is being sold as is (or they don’t know what that means) then this is going to create issues. We can guarantee it.

For instance, they may pay for a home inspection still thinking you will make repairs or concessions based on the inspector’s report. After paying for the inspection they find out that you won’t pay for or make any repairs then there is going to be some ill will, for sure. 

In summary, yes you can sell a house as is. But we recommend you make sure everyone clearly understands that the house is being sold as is from the start. It will filter out your buyers and reduce headaches in the long-run.

What Are My Options For Selling A House As Is in Ohio?

You can sell your house as is using one of the following strategies:

  1. Listing your house as is on the market with a real estate agent
  2. Trying to sell it as is by yourself as a for-sale-by-owner
  3. Selling it for cash quickly to a cash buyer

Who are we?

Sesa Properties buys real estate in Cleveland and throughout Ohio for cash, 100% as-is.

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