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We Buy Multifamily Cleveland, Ohio

We buy multifamily Cleveland, Ohio for cash, as-is, with no agents, no costs to you, and no hassles.

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Selling Your Multifamily for Cash Is The Easiest Solution

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Simply put, selling your multifamily property to us for cash is a quicker and easier process than listing it with an agent on the market.

Why? We buy multifamily for cash, as-is, and can close quickly. This makes the process very easy.

The benefits of selling your multifamily for cash include:

  • You can sell directly to us with no agents involved:
    • No agents means no costly agent commissions, no open houses or coordinating multiple showings with tenants, and no buyer demands
  • We pay all typical closing costs, saving you thousands
  • We buy multifamily properties as is, which means you don’t make any costly repairs.
  • You can sell your property quick – close in weeks, not months or years

How’s It Works: Selling Your Multifamily For Cash

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We view your property & make you a cash offer in person. Accept the offer only if you are happy with it.

We work with and close at a reputable, local title company. You walk away with cash.

FAQ About Selling a Multifamily in Cleveland Ohio

How can I sell my multifamily fast in Cleveland Ohio?

The fastest way to sell a multifamily property is to sell it to a cash house buyer. Typically cash buyers will close much quicker than a market buyer (weeks vs. months). You can sell faster by skipping the lengthy process of listing the property on the market. Showings will be reduced. You may also be able to sell your multifamily faster because of a greatly reduced due diligence period with a cash buyer vs. a market buyer. At Sesa, for example, we buy multifamily properties in as little as 14 days.

What is the cheapest way to sell my multifamily property in Cleveland Ohio?

The cheapest way to sell your multifamily is to sell it to a cash buyer. Our company, for example, buys multifamily properties as-is and pay your traditional closing costs. This reduces both upfront costs and costs at closing. The potential cost of repairs for a multifamily property could be quite large. A cash buyer will also buy directly from you without an agent. This eliminates costly agent commissions. In the end, what your net profit is should be considered vs. just the sales price you get. You will have to consider the cost savings and added convenience of a cash offer vs. a higher sales price with higher costs. At Sesa, we buy multifamily without charging any fees or commissions. We also buy as-is so there are no repairs, and we pay for your closing costs.

Can I sell my multifamily without a realtor in Cleveland? (How to sell without a realtor?)

Yes, you can sell your multifamily property without a realtor. There are two main options. First, you can sell it for cash to a cash house buying company like us. This method involves the least amount of work on your part. It is also most likely the fastest way to sell without a realtor unless you already have a buyer lined up. Second, you can sell your multifamily as a for-sale-by-owner (FSBO).

If you go the FSBO route just be prepared for the amount of work it can entail. This is due to the need to do your own marketing, handle all the inquiries, coordinate showings with tenants and buyers, coordinate inspections, etc.

Can I sell my multifamily for cash in Cleveland?

Yes, there are cash house buying companies that buy multifamily properties for all cash. For example, we buy multifamily properties for all cash.

Is selling a multifamily with tenants in active leases possible?

Yes, but with a big “it depends”. It depends on the buyer. Some cash buyers, like our company, will buy your multifamily with tenants (even problem tenants) in place.

Many buyers will want the multifamily delivered vacant upon closing. In other words, they will demand the tenants vacate when you close and transfer ownership. This may make it tricky as you will have to wait until leases are finished or pay the tenants to agree to leave.

Does Sesa Properties buy duplexes for cash?

Yes, we buy duplexes for cash. We buy multifamily properties regardless of their type, age, condition or if they have tenants or not.

Does Sesa Properties buy triplexes for cash?

Yes. We buy triplexes for cash.

Does Sesa Properties buy quadplexes (quads) for cash?

Yes. We buy quadplexes for cash.

Does Sesa Properties buy multifamily properties with tenants for cash?

Yes. We will buy your multifamily with tenants in place. You will not need to vacate them. We even buy properties with problem tenants that need to be evicted.

Curious if we will buy your multifamily?

The answer is YES. Why? Honestly, we buy multifamily properties regardless of their condition, age, type, etc. We buy all properties 100% as-is. You don’t have to do anything to it, which saves you time, money, and headaches.

We offer you an alternative solution to the traditional multifamily sales process. With us, YOU CAN SELL YOUR MULTIFAMILY FAST regardless of your property’s condition, age, size or your situation.

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We Buy Multifamily Properties in Cleveland and in Ohio

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