Need to sell your house ASAP? We Pay Cash For Houses in Cleveland, Ohio.

We pay cash for houses in Greater Cleveland, Ohio and can close quickly. We buy for cash direct from homeowners for a lot of reasons. If you don’t have time to wait months or deal with the hassles of a traditional home sale then selling for cash could be a good solution for you. Read on to learn more.

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Are you facing a situation forcing you to sell your house ASAP?
Does your house need too many repairs to sell on the market?
Don’t want to deal with realtors, strangers, and demanding buyers?
Just need to get rid of your house?

Are you facing a tough situation? If so, waiting months to list your house on the market isn’t really an option.

You need to sell your house ASAP. You need to sell it regardless of its condition, age, etc. If so, selling for your house for cash might be the best option for you.

You might be experiencing one of the situations below:

  • At risk of losing your home to foreclosure, tax delinquency auction, etc?
  • Need to sell a house that needs a bunch of repairs? But you can’t afford to or don’t want to make them?
  • Need to relocate and sell your house ASAP?
  • Code violations or condemnation notices racking up from the city? You can’t afford to fix it or don’t want to deal with it.
  • Inherited a house or rental that you don’t want. You also don’t want to deal with the hassle of listing it on the market.
  • Experiencing medical or family issues. You need to sell your house ASAP and use the money for other things.
  • Sick of awful tenants and tired of being a landlord? You just want to get rid of your rental(s).
  • Recently divorced and need to get rid of your house ASAP?
  • Just don’t want to pay a realtor thousands of dollars in commissions?

No matter your situation we can help. Selling your house to a cash house buyer is much quicker, cheaper, and easier than listing with an agent. In some situations selling for cash might be your only option.

Facing one of these situations? Want to find a solution to sell your house quickly? Call/text us today at 2168778430 or fill out our form and we will contact you.

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Our 3 Step Process: We Pay Cash For Houses & Buy Fast And Easy

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Fill Out Our Form or Call/Text Us to Get Started.

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We meet you at your property, answer your questions & make you a cash offer.

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Closing is handled by a reputable, local title company. We pay you cash for your house and you get back to what’s important in life.

WHO Are Cash House Buyers in Clevelnd? Do They Really Pay Cash For Houses?

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Cash buyers pay cash for houses and buy directly from you. There are no real estate agents involved.

Cash house buyers are companies that pay cash for houses. They may purchase your house to fix and flip it or they may hold it as a rental property. Buying houses is how they make their living.

They are sometimes called cash buyers, we buy houses companies, real estate investment companies, cash house buying companies, etc.

There are many benefits to selling a house to a cash buyer. Read below to find out the benefits.

WHY Sell Your House For Cash?

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Cash buyers pay cash for houses. They simplify the process and close quick.

There are multiple benefits to selling a house to a cash buyer in Cleveland Ohiovs. a traditional sale.

The major benefits are:

  • Speed of closing – they are quick!
  • High convenience – no bossy realtors, no showings, no demanding buyers, no lengthy sales process
  • They buy as-is and buy houses that don’t qualify for conventional mortgage funding
  • Eliminates costs: realtor commissions, closing costs, and out of pocket costs

1. Cash house buyers are quick!

Cash house buyers close in a matter of weeks. Facing a deadline and/or need to sell fast? If yes, a cash house buyer would be the only one able to close quick enough.

A traditional buyer using a mortgage to buy your house is a much slower process. The typical time from offer to close a traditional mortgage is 46-49 days according to the 2019 Ellie May Origination Insight Report.

2. Selling a house to a cash buyer is super convenient!

Cash buyers buy your house as-is. This means you don’t have to do anything to prepare your house for sale.

This means:

  • You don’t have to make any repairs, even minor ones
  • No finding, negotiating, and coordinating with contractors
  • Absolutely no painting or cleaning

This greatly reduces your hassle and time commitment required to sell your house.

Also, there are no real estate agents when you sell your house to a cash house buyer. This eliminates the agent’s demands, the showings, open houses, scheduling showings with tenants (if its a rental), etc.

3. Cash house buyers purchase your house in Cleveland without repairs

Cash house buyers buy your house as-is. If you don’t want to make repairs or can’t afford to make them selling it for cash is a good option.

A cash buyer can buy a house that doesn’t qualify for traditional lending. If your house needs a lot of repairs, has deferred maintenance or safety issues it is unlikely that a traditional lender will give a buyer a mortgage to buy it.

4. Cash house buyers eliminate your costs

  • There are no real estate agents – so there are no agent commissions (6%) or fees
  • We pay all typical closing costs – you don’t
  • We buy as-is so you don’t pay for any repairs or the costs to get your house ready for the market (cleaning, staging, updating/renovations).
  • Our company buys quick so your holding costs of a long sale are eliminated

Does getting cash for your house in Cleveland sound like a good option for you?

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