5 Tips to Sell Investment Properties

There can be any number of reasons for deciding to sell your investment properties. For example, it may be worth a lot more than it was when you initially made the purchase. Or maybe it costs more to maintain than what it is bringing in (you’re losing money). Some decide to sell investment properties simply because it no longer fits in their life plans.

Selling investment properties can be complex and confusing if you are not sure where or how to get started. Deciding whether to sell or keep the rental property is not an easy decision. There can be advantages and disadvantages to both. Ultimately, once you decide to sell it’s tough to know how to find investors to sell to. Here are five useful tips for selling investment properties.

Tip 1: Find Local Cash Buyers in Public Records

sell investment properties through public records

The public record’s office has already done all the hard work for you if you are looking for a real estate investor in your area. They have a list of nearly every sale that occurs in the region. Each county is different in how they grant access to public records, but they are accessible.

Begin by finding the location of your local county assessor’s page, or public records office.

When houses are purchased using financial institutions there are two documents recorded with the county.

First, the deed will show the transfer of ownership, and secondly the lien from the loan. If you look through the recorded sales, those with no information about a lien being placed because of the loan were purchased by cash sales.

You can also search local title companies, some do charge a fee. They can provide a list of properties that were sold without mortgage lien.

Tip 2: Sell Investment Properties Online

There are several online platforms that can be helpful in finding an investor who buys investment property.

Zillow is one of the most popular, but sites like Craigslist can be a little easier to use. Once you set up an account, you can either list the property or create an ad looking for investors or local cash buyers who are interested.

Trulia is a very easy site to use as well.

You can take some photos or videos of the property to post on these sites, or even post a video on sites like YouTube as long as you go by their terms of use.

Tip 3: Talk to a Real Estate Agent

sell investment properties by talking to agents

A real estate agent can talk to you about your decision to sell or keep rental property. They can also help you find an investor in your area. Most of the time, real estate agents are knowledgeable of local cash buyers and property investors.

Some agencies work directly with investors who flip homes. They often work with investors or handle requests for leads looking for investment property.

So in some cases, talking with a real estate agent can help connect you with a potential buyer.

If you don’t want to work with an agent just be upfront about that. This is because they may try to sell the house for you unless you tell them your intentions.

Tip 4: Finding Investors at Auctions

One way to sell investment properties is to go through a real estate auction. For many, this seems a bit easier than trying to move the property through private sales. Auctions are effective for selling pretty fast, as they are intense. They can create a sort of urgency around getting the property sold.

Oftentimes, sellers can even get a little higher price when selling investment properties at auction. You’ll need to find an auctioneer and visit with them about their specific processes for moving properties through the auction.

However, it’s important to note that even though many investors may purchase at auctions, there is no guarantee it will sell so be sure to have another plan in mind.

Tip 5: Selling Investment Properties to Local Cash Buyers

sell investment properties to cash buyers

A local cash buyer or wholesaler is often the best choice once you decide to sell investment properties. They will buy the property as-is.

This means you do not have to make any repairs or stage the property in any way. They can make the cash purchase no matter what kind of condition it is in.

They will come to your location and do a quick assessment of the property, then make you an offer. If you take the offer, they will pay you cash and handle all of the paperwork. This can save you even more time, effort, and money in the long run.

If you’ve already dealt with the decision of whether to sell or keep rental property and you decided to sell, these five tips can help you find an investor. They will understand how difficult the decision to sell investment properties really is and work with you closely.

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