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  • How to: Find Rental Rates Using the Free Version of Rentometer
    This is a quick tutorial around performing a free rental rate analysis using the free version of Rentometer.  We’re gonna be using a tool called Rentometer. Not familiar with Rentometer? It’s a very handy tool for real estate investors, real estate agents, etc. You can quickly (and easily) get rental rates for a specific type … Read more
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Flipping Houses for Profit
    Flipping houses as an investing business seems to be getting serious momentum. There are countless shows and tv series talking about flipping houses and hefty profits that you can collect from this very lucrative real estate business. But, just like with so many other things, the projection that you see through pop culture is much … Read more
  • How To Find Rental Rates Using Zillow Rental Data
    This is part 2 in our how to series for determining rental rates. In this video we show you how to find comparable rental rates using Zillow rental data on their site at using an example in the Cleveland, Ohio area.
  • Why you should avoid tire kickers like the plague. (Hint it’s all $$$)
    Like most things in life, you don’t have time to waste on people who are not serious. Whether you are selling a house or trying to acquire a property you want to focus only on people who are legit, serious, genuine. Tire kickers are time wasters. Time suckers. Attention distractors. Learn exactly how to identify … Read more
  • What is owner financing and when/why to use it? (a plain English overview)
    So you want to sell your house and you’re interested in owner financing. If so you’re probably wondering what owner financing is and exactly what it’s all about. That’s what we’ll be talking about in this article. We’ll detail what it is, the different kinds of owner financing structures, typical terms, why you might use … Read more
  • How to Buy Houses Below Market Value (A 101 Intro Guide)
    A lot of new investors want to break into the world of wholesale real estate investment or flipping. They know they have to buy houses below market value. This can be a challenge for the newcomer.  One needs to do their homework for this. If they do they can become very successful at it. One … Read more
  • Grow Wealth Faster: Buy Wholesale Properties (Off-Market)
    If you are reading this article it is a fair assumption that you, like the majority of real estate investors want to know how to grow your wealth (or in other words grow your investment portfolio) as fast as possible. One way to expedite the process is by buying wholesale properties (also known as off-market … Read more
  • 5 Tips to Sell Investment Properties
    The public record’s office has already done all the hard work for you if you are looking for a real estate investor in your area.
  • 8 Ways to Sell Investment Properties Fast
    You always have the choice of listing your investment property with a real estate agent. They will do a lot of the work for you like putting it on the market using both online and offline resources.
  • 10 Tips for Finding Wholesalers And Off-Market Deals
    This website is run by and built for property wholesalers in [target_state]. Start by adding us to your list of local cash buyers.
  • How to Buy Houses from Wholesalers and Off-Market Companies
    Wholesaling in real estate is similar to wholesaling in other industries. The main idea is to purchase the property at a low price, then sell it for a profit to another buyer, the end buyer.
  • Where To Find Off Market Real Estate Deals
    There are many different online resources that individuals can use to sell their property. Those who are looking for wholesale real estate deals need to be aware of these.
  • Should the Cleveland OH Point of Sale Process Scare You?
    Looking to buy an investment property in or around Cuyahoga County (Cleveland, OH)? Well you’re definitely not alone. But maybe you’re nervous about the point of sale (POS) process. We’ll discuss the POS in more detail in this article so you have all the info you need. Why Invest in Cleveland, OH? As real estate markets in … Read more
  • Where to Buy Houses to Flip
    One question that some may have is why buy houses to flip would be of interest to anyone? There are several  answers to this. Some people want to get into property investment.
  • Fastest Ways to Buy Investment and Off Market Properties
    You have made the decision that you are going to start making some money for yourself. The conclusion is that you want to buy investment properties to accomplish this.
  • 6 Ways to Buy Fixer Upper Houses
    It may take a little time, but driving around the area can be a great solution to where to buy houses to flip. It means being observant.