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Cleveland Real Estate Consultant: Property Analysis

Looking to invest in Greater Cleveland, Ohio? Don’t go into the buying process alone! Get the analysis and information you need to make a solid investment decision. Use Sesa Properties’ expertise and local market knowledge. We’re a real estate consultant specializing in the Greater Cleveland Ohio market. We will analyze any property regardless of what type or who is selling it.

As your consultant we will hold your hand through the due diligence and buying process and provide a complete property analysis for you.

Our property analysis service is a one-time, flat-rate fee. No endless costs or billing.

How our real estate consultant service works:

Our real estate consulting service removes the complexity from the buying process. We make it our business to provide you with all of the information you need to make an informed decision about a potential investment property.

This is how our real estate consulting service works:

  1. You determine a property that you’re interested in and contact us using the form below.
  2. We fully analyze the property for you both on paper and in person (on location). We follow the in-depth process listed below.
  3. We’ll create a full property analysis and send you the final report.
Vince Senauskas - real estate consultant in cleveland

Vince Senauskas

Co-Owner, Partner

Sesa Properties

OH Licensed Real Estate Agent

License #: 2018000713

What does your analysis package include?

  1. Comparable Properties Report*: We run a comparable property analysis from the MLS. We have a licensed real estate agent, who is also one of our partners produce this report.
  2. Property Visit: We actually visit the property for you. We take detailed pictures and video walkthroughs for you.
  3. Contractor Statement of Work (SOW)*: A local contractor will join us during the visit to create and provide an itemized statement of work and estimated cost based on your investment strategy (ie. rental property, flip, BRRRR, etc.).
  4. Rent Estimate Analysis*: If you are planning on renting the property (or even if you just want to know what it rents for) we will run and provide a market rental analysis.
  5. Deal Financial Analysis*: We provide a financial (net operating income and cash flow) analysis based on all of the obtained information.

We make every effort to provide the report within 5-7 days from the date of your order. But this may be delayed based on factors outside of our control. For example we are limited by when we are allowed to access the property (and all units) via the owner.

Other benefits of our real estate consultant service:

  1. Agent at your disposal (if desired): If you want to you can utilize Vince Senauskas, one of our company’s Partners to submit your offer and act as your agent on your behalf. Vince is a local, investor-friendly (and focused) real estate agent as well as an investor. He focuses solely on investment real estate. If you don’t want to work with Vince we can refer someone else.
  2. Use our trusted home inspector (if desired): we can recommend a home inspector to use during your due diligence period. Or we can recommend another one if you prefer.
  3. Use our contractor connections (if desired): use the contractor who generated the statement of work and estimate. Or we can suggest other contractors who we use and trust.
  4. Investment lending connections (if needed): we can refer you to hard money and landlord lenders based on your goals and the property.**

What’s the cost?

Everything is included for one flat rate of $750 for any property with 1-2 units and $895 for properties with 3-4 units.

Pricing for properties with 5+ units are based on a discounted rate per unit. Contact us using the form below to get pricing for larger unit properties.

Get Started

If you have questions or want to get started contact us using the form below to schedule a free consultation. We will reach out to you within 24 hours.

*We will only contact you about your inquiry, and we will not share or sell your information to anyone. Privacy policy.

By submitting this form with your information you give Sesa Properties LLP permission to contact you regarding your inquiry via email, text or phone. See our privacy policy for more information.

FAQ About Our Real Estate Consultant Services

Q: What is a real estate consultant?

A real estate consultant provides advice to clients in real estate transactions. A real estate consultant is an expert in real estate and usually is an expert in a specified market, such as Greater Cleveland, Ohio in our case. Real estate consultants can provide deep analysis and guidance on the purchase, sale, etc. of residential, investment or commercial real estate.

Q: What is the difference between a realtor and a real estate consultant?

Both are technically optional, as you don’t need either to buy or sell a property. A realtor works on commission. They are involved in the actual process of buying or selling a property. They provide you with access to data on the MLS, can accompany you on showings, host showings or open houses, might suggest properties based on your criteria, and can help you negotiate in some regards.

A real estate consultant works on an hourly or set price. They advise real estate investors on the purchase or sale of a real estate investment property or properties. RE consultants analyze the financial viability of a real estate investment, provide you with a deeper understanding of the costs, finances and cash flow of the real estate investment, provide statements of work and estimates for construction, rehab, and rent, provide insights on the market (or specific location) of a property, etc.

Q: What skills can we offer you as your real estate consultant?

Real estate consultants need to have:

  • Strong analytical skills to analyze the property, the construction or rehab costs, the operating financials (including current/potential rents, expenses, reserves, etc.), the market etc.
  • Expertise in real estate investment strategies, funding, etc.
  • Expertise in the local market on a street by street basis
  • Extremely strong attention to detail
  • Relationships with every resource you need to make a decision, purchase, and operate your real estate investment

* Analyses provided are based on available information and third-parties, such as contractors, and third-party tools, such as the MLS. We do our best to combine all available information with our own personal knowledge, but the results of the analyses we provide cannot be guaranteed due to factors outside of our control, such as market factors, economic factors, etc.

**We are not lenders, and do not lend money. We simply refer you to our network of lenders that we have worked with in the past or have relationships with. You are by no means under any obligation to use any of our recommended companies.

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