Fastest Ways to Buy Investment and Off Market Properties

You have made the decision that you are going to start making some money for yourself. So you want to buy investment properties to accomplish this. Well, you’ve made a great decision. But now you’re faced with some important questions:

  • How to buy houses below market value?
  • Where to buy houses to flip?
  • Where to find real wholesale real estate deals?
  • Are there any tips for finding wholesalers?

Once you have solid answers to these questions you are on your way to success. But each of them has to be addressed individually. When looking to buy investment properties.

How to Buy Houses Below Market Value

The first thing you need to be aware of is what you are going to pay when you buy investment properties. You need to know how to buy houses below market value if you are going to turn a profit. Your approach has to change from the traditional thinking of buying property. You need to develop an eye for the properties that are going to fit into the offmarket property system. So you aren’t looking for a property that has a slightly lower value to it. Many people will put homes on the market slightly under value to beat out their competitors.

Create a list of what would be common resources if you were going to buy a house using the standard methods.

You might hire a real estate agent

In this case, you aren’t hiring this professional to shop for you. But, you’ll use them as part of a networking tactic. Some agents don’t want to waste their time listing a property that fits into the whole property category. They will be willing to let you know about the property. So these agents can be valuable contacts.

You may check out the classifieds in the local papers

This is a natural resource as it was the most common way of advertising prior to the internet. You need to look through these carefully. You may find a few gems here that are going to fit into your buy investment properties goal.

Use the internet

This is a tool that you do not want to pass up. It can be a bit time consuming, but the results will be worth it. Learn how to use your search terms carefully. This will help to save you time. One type of seller that you want to zero in on is the sale by owner.

There are two ways that one can look at the thinking of the “sale by owner.” There are those who are not in a hurry to sell their property. They are going to save some money. If and when the property sells. Then there are those who need to sell. They may be in financial difficulty. They can’t afford to pay real estate fees. They are going to try and sell the property themselves as quickly as they can. This is your target market as a person who buys investment properties.

With this thought in mind go back to using the proper search term. So you could search wholesale properties for sale on craigslist. You are going to see that you get some hits for nearby area real estate by the owner. Now you can spend some of your time checking out this category of seller.

Where To Buy Houses To Flip?

If you want to buy investment properties then you need to know where to buy houses to flip. If you put your time to good use then it will pay off for you. Start cruising around the area that you are interested in. Maybe have someone drive you so you can put all your attention on the houses that you see. No doubt you will come across a few that will fit in with your buy investment properties plans. Even if there is not a for sale sign on the property don’t rule it out. There is nothing wrong with knocking on the door to see if they would be interested in selling. If this seems too aggressive then make up some flyers. Letting people know you are interested in buying property quick and easy. Then target the delivery of them to those houses that fit in with houses to flip.

Where to Find Real Wholesale/Offmarket Real Estate Deals?

To buy investment properties it means being able to find properties fast. One of the most effective ways to do this is by finding the answer to where to find real wholesale real estate deals. It means turning to the professionals who specialize in this. There are those that buy investment properties that are experts. They are willing to sell to individuals like you that want to buy investment properties.

Are There Any Tips for Finding Wholesalers?

buy investment properties tips

If you want to buy investment properties then these few tips for finding wholesalers will help

Find out where the wholesalers for property advertise. This is something most of these experts do. The internet is a good source for this. You may notice signs posted in your area. There will likely be ads in the real estate section of the local papers.

Be persistent is another tip. Don’t give up just because you have one bad day.

Be Confident. If you really want to buy investment properties then you have to build your confidence. After you have bought your first few properties it will get easier for you.

Buy Investment Properties Today!

We are here to help. There are some great business opportunities here. For those who want to buy investment properties, and for us who have plenty to sell.

If you are looking for ways to sell investment properties or you are ready to start working with real estate investors to buy or sell properties, give us a call at 216-877-8433 or contact us to learn more!

The information presented in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered legal, financial, or as any other type of advice.

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