Junk House. Junk House. Does Anyone Buy Junk Houses in Cleveland?

Does anyone buy junk houses in Cleveland Ohio?

Wondering where and who to sell your junk to house in Cleveland Ohio? You’re in the right place. We’ll discuss your options for selling a junk house in this article.

You may have a house in Greater Cleveland that is in disrepair, has been sitting vacant and may even has been (or is at risk of being) condemned that you want to sell.

If so you have probably been told by a real estate agent, family member or friend that your property is in too bad of condition to sell on the market. No doubt that it probably is.

sDon’t give up hope. There are options besides just letting it rot away. We will review those options here so you can have a few options to get it out of your hair.

What Is a Junk House?

This article is intended to be to help you sell a junk house. We are referring to a house that is in disrepair, meaning it is not (or should not be) livable.

We are not talking about a house that needs minor repairs. The repairs needed to fix a “junk house” as well as the money needed to make the repairs are extensive.

Does this sound like your house?

Why You Can’t Sell Houses in Bad Condition on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) with a Real Estate Agent?

Your first thought might be just to list it on the multiple listing service (MLS) with a real estate agent.  Alternatively, you may be thinking of listing it on Zillow, etc. as a for sale by owner.

However, the issue is that the multiple listing service is dominated by traditional buyers looking for a home to live AND who are using conventional mortgages to buy a house. They do not typically buy junk houses. This poses many issues when trying to sell a junk house on the MLS.

First, traditional home buyers are looking for a home to move into. They are not looking for a total rehab project. If there are any that fit this criteria they are few and far between.

Second, the majority of conventional mortgage lenders and lending programs do not lend on houses that need extensive repairs. In turn, traditional home buyers will probably not be able to get funding for your junk house. This is due to the fact that traditional home buyers use conventional mortgage financing.

Because of these two factors real estate agents do not touch these houses. A seller’s agent will not want to deal with with it because they know it will be very hard to find a buyer. A buyer’s agent will not want to deal with it because they know their buyers won’t be able to get funding for it.  Both agents don’t want to deal with it because they also know that any potential commissions will be very small.

Options for Getting Rid of a Junk House in Cleveland Ohio

There are four main options to get rid of a junk house. These are discussed below.

1. We Buy Junk Houses! Sell Your Junk House to a We Buy Houses Company For Cash

This is most likely the only option that you will get some money out of, even if it is small. Many We Buy Houses companies buy houses in disrepair and as-is. These companies are experienced at buying houses in really bad condition and either renovating them or knocking them down and building (or partnering with something that will build) a new house.

They will give you a fair offer based on the value of the house and the required repairs needed (including the cost to raze the house if that is the only option).

Such a company can buy the house, pay you cash, and you can wash your hands of it pretty easily.

Our company Sesa Properties is a cash home buyer that buys junk houses in Greater Cleveland and throughout Ohio. Contact us if you are interested in a free consultation and want to get a no-obligation offer. 

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2. Raze The Junk House and Sell the Land

Although not the easiest option knocking down the house is still an option. If you cannot find a buyer to buy the house as-is you may have better luck razing the house and selling the vacant land by itself.

Depending on what area of Greater Cleveland you are in your land may be desirable. There are areas on the west side of the city where new construction is happening. You might be able to find a buyer to buy the land if they don’t have to deal with the hassles or costs of the demolition.

Razing the house completely may cost $15,000-20,000 or more depending on the house.

This may be a good option if 1. you are in a desirable area, 2. you can afford the cost of razing the house, 3. you are able to deal with coordinating it, and 4. the expected sales price of the vacant land will cover this expense.

3. Raze the Junk House and Keep the Land

Yeah, this won’t get it off your hands completely. However, it will reduce your tax obligation (if you successfully petition the city for a tax reassessment). You also won’t have to worry about the problems that come with a vacant house, a condemned house, or a house that has not been condemned yet but poses a safety (liability) risk.

As stated above razing the house will probably cost $15,000-20,000.

4. Give it Away to a Charity or to the Cuyahoga Land Bank Program

This is an option if you just want to dump your junk house for nothing.

You may be able to give away the house to an organization like kars4kids.com. This program does not accept all houses as they need to be able to make money from the property in order to fund their charity. It might be worth inquiring about though.

Alternatively, you might be able to donate the house to the Cuyahoga Land Bank Program. Check out the Cuyahoga Land Bank FAQs page if this is something you are interested in.

Ready to sell your junk house quickly in Cleveland? Our company buys junk houses for cash

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The information presented in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered legal, financial, or as any other type of advice.

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