Moving in a Hurry? Is it Possible to Sell a House & Get Out (Fast)?

Is it possible to sell your house quickly when moving in a hurry? It is very much possible, and in this article, we discuss how you can accomplish it.

Anyone that’s moved even once in their life knows that the process is long and complicated.

It involves packing boxes, making repairs, scheduling professional movers, finding and financing your future residence, etc.

Moving is a dreaded experience that stresses many homeowners. Not to mention, when you combine moving with selling your house on the market, the stress level and complexity go through the roof. On top of that moving in a hurry takes on a level of stress many people understandably can’t deal with.

With meticulous planning and enough savings to cover moving costs, the process can become less stressful and more efficient. But what if a homeowner doesn’t have that much time, energy, and money to simplify the moving process; how do they manage while moving in a hurry?

Moving in a Hurry

If you need to move and sell your house fast, timing your home’s sale is vital.  If you have the luxury of selecting when you are selling then you might try to time the market correctly. However, the real estate market is a fluctuating state that constantly and sporadically changes for sellers. Trying to correctly predict these changes can seem near impossible. Unless you have raw insight into the industry and your local market, guessing when the real estate market will favor buyers or sellers is unreliable, and thus, even if you have control over when you can move (which you may not), you might not time the market right.

Some homeowners can make sound predictions about the market’s viability and favoritism based on past real estate market cycles and other situational circumstances. For instance, presidential election years and FED interest rate hikes will undoubtedly affect how long your property remains on market, how much it’ll sell for, and the pool of potential buyers interested in your home. Homeowners seeking the quickest way to sell a house must be aware that market changes will affect their chances of a successful sale when listing.

If you have to move quickly for an unforeseen reason you might have no control over when you sell your house. If this is your situation you might want to check out our blog post from a few weeks ago on to get tips on how to sell your house quick.

Tips on Attracting Buyers

Homeowners can’t just depend on the real estate market’s favorability when needing to know how to move and sell their house fast. This is especially true when you absolutely need to sell quickly due to forces outside of your control.  Sellers will be most successful with a well designed plan that includes catering to buyers that could be interested in buying their home. Being aware of the techniques and tactics associated with attracting buyers will give sellers that are moving in a hurry a leg up in the competition. In a market unfavorable to sellers, making your home the most appealing property to the average buyer will ensure a quick sale.

The first tip to attracting the right buyer involves determining a balanced asking price with the goal to entice prospective buyers. This should be implemented before even listing the property.  Many realtors believe overpricing the home will allow the seller to negotiate for more money than the house is worth; on the other hand, some agents advise to list under market value to pique buyer’s interest and guarantee a speedy sale. Underpricing the property also might lead to a bidding war that will drive the price back up.

While both options (pricing over market and pricing under) provide room to negotiate the price, it might be more efficient to find a balance between the two to sell your home quickly. Buyers are savvy with home prices and values, especially when researching comparable homes in similar neighborhoods.

The second tip to attract buyers and speed up the moving process is to stage your home before showing it. Staging your home involves presenting the property in the best light before potential buyers have a chance to view it at an open house. Sellers should declutter and deep-clean the home and make any repairs and fixes that detract from their home’s overall worth.

They should also make the rooms seem more spacious by removing heavy drapes and screens to let light better flow in. It’s important to also clean the exterior of the home as well as the yard to increase curb appeal. Curb appeal is essential to making a first impression for buyers, and few things appeal to buyers more than a manicured lawn and fresh coat of exterior paint.

Although it’s difficult to plan a home sale when moving in a hurry, it’s necessary to consider the time of the sale too. Listing your property during certain seasons will naturally increase the buyer pool without having to fix up the property or offer any extra incentives.

Spring and early summer are generally the ideal times to list a home that appeals to buyers. Families with small children will often look for homes closer to their kid’s summer or spring break. Listing during the warmer months is just what to do to sell your house fast.

Selling in the winter will, in most cases, reduce the buyer pool and your house may sit for longer than in the spring and summer.  Sellers who need to sell their home quick during winter months may be in a tougher spot and may have to use pricing as the primary tool to attract buyers.

Explore selling to a cash house buying company

If you are a homeowner that needs to sell your house fast you may have limited options. You might be able to rely on the market’s favorability or can implement some key selling techniques to attract prospective buyers. But the sale of your house may still be limited to factors outside of your control, and when you need to move fast this becomes an issue.

Another option that you can research to sell your home fast and move faster than the options above is to sell to an interested cash buyer directly.

Investors and we buy houses companies, such as ours are professional buyers that buy houses for cash, regardless of the condition and can close fast.

Homes that need major repairs are especially appealing due to their potential to be resold after extensive renovations. For sellers that have damaged homes but still want to move on as quickly as possible, contacting a local we buys houses (we buy homes) company can save you time and money.

Home investors are even more attractive to homeowners desperate to sell due to their ability to close within a matter of weeks vs. the months that a traditional home sale with a realtor or even an FSBO would take. Thanks to their propensity to make cash offers, sellers don’t have to wait for the buyer’s financing or loan acquisition. They also don’t have to be approved for an appraisal. This shaves months off of the closing time, which can prove to be critical.

If you are a homeowner wanting to move and sell your house fast, this is the best solution available with the least amount of effort. You will have to trade off price, but you will get speed and convenience.

Selling to a cash home buying company can allow you to sell your home fast and focus on moving on with ease.

Are You Moving in a Hurry and Need to Sell Fast?

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The information presented in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered legal, financial, or as any other type of advice.

About the Author:

My name is Dan Sarao. I am the Co-Owner and Managing Partner of Sesa Properties, a cash home buying and real estate investment company operating in Cleveland, OH. In my former life I was a marketing and product executive at a US based coatings company. I left that role to pursue my passion for real estate. I am motivated everyday to find and help homeowners who are in stressful situations and need to sell their houses quickly outside of the traditional sales process.

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